Alternate File Move : Mirror or Sync Contents of Two Folders

A very simple way to backup your files on your removable storage devices is to manually copy them to a folder on the removable drive. But if you want to make things quicker, then you can make use of a little utility called Alternate File Move. It is a small tool to easily sync files across two folders. It gives you many options such as replacing files, adding missing files or making both folders completely identical based on your file replacement criteria.

The program has an extremely simple user interface. It shows two sides – left side is for the source folder and the right side is for the destination folder. As soon as you select these folders and click on the Analyze button their contents are displayed in the lists. You can choose which files from the either folders are to be compared. By default all of the files are selected for comparison.

Alternate File Move

Underneath the list of the files for the source and the destination folders, there are options that determine how the files are mirrored across the two selected folders. You can replace files with different dates, replace files with different sizes, replace files with different content, add missing files to destination folder, include empty folders, and remove files that no longer exist in the source folder.

You can click on the Execute button to run all the pending operations. You can also click on the Synchronize button which basically does both the actions performed by the Analyze and the Execute buttons. When you click on the Synchronize button, it scans the folders, analyzes them and mirrors them.

Even though Alternate File Move does not contain any advanced options like some other backup software, it is easy-to-use and can act as a daily backup or syncing tool for your files.

You can download Alternate File Move from