TaskHero : Finish Daily Tasks As if Playing a Game

In this fast faced modern life style, we often tend to forget our daily, weekly or long term tasks that we intended to finish on time. The result is that we miss deadlines, dates or important business meetings. One way to keep this problem of forgetfulness at bay is to use a to-do tasks app that can keep reminding you of the things you have to do in time. But most of these to-do tasks apps are just a boring list of all the tasks and do not really inspire you to finish those tasks.

This is where the intuitive web app TaskHero comes in, this web app not only shows you a list of all the tasks to be completed and gives you timely reminder, but it also makes a game of the whole thing. As you add your tasks to TaskHero, they appear at different game levels depending on the time before which they are to be completed. You don the appearance of a game character and have to go from one level to another finishing these tasks. Just like in any game, you earn some achievements, unlock some new features and are awarded some points as you go along completing these tasks. You are given a virtual castle in TaskHero that you adorn with newly collected items as you move further into the game.


By associated your monotonous everyday chores with funny games that gives rewards, you can trick yourself in completing the tasks faster. With the goal of unlocking new features in the mind, you may even speed up your pace and finish more than one tasks in a shorter period of time. The basic principle of rewarding yourself at the successful completion of a task works very well and can motivate you to improve your work performance in a timely manner.

You can visit TaskHero web app at https://www.taskheroics.com/.