Bring Raindrops on Windows Desktop with OK.It’s.Raining.Men

Who does not like to watch the rain fall on the window panes while sitting in the warmth of your home, sipping on a hot cup of coffee? And now you can bring the some of those raindrops with you to your Windows desktop through a small program called intuitive OK.It’s.Raining.Men. As perhaps you can can guess from its name, the program is designed by the famous programmer Nenad Hrg, the maker of so many OK applications.

This small program comes as a portable application and offers to turn your Windows desktop into a resplendent platform of big and small raindrops. The effect looks even more amazing if you have a darker desktop background. As soon as you launch OK.It’s.Raining.Men, the pitter-patter of raindrops starts.

The program offers two types of raindrops – desktop and mouse. Desktop raindrops are the ones that are displayed over the desktop background and all the other applications. Mouse raindrops appear everywhere you move the mouse cursor. For both types of raindrops, there are separate settings to control their intensity, size and length.

OK Its Raining Men

Since the raindrops are completely animated, it may increase the CPU activity a little. The developer has provided options in the interface to make the program gentle on the CPU or give best raindrops experience. You can also control the rendering quality and the transparency of the raindrops.

From the visual style of the raindrops, they give an impression of raindrops falling in still water such as lake. Do not expect the popular “raindrops hitting on the glass pane” effect from this program. In our opinion, one thing that can make it even better is a number of raining sounds. Rain sounds are well known to have very soothing and calming properties. Raindrops without rain sounds appear incomplete.

You can download OK.It’s.Raining.Men from