Clean up Chrome Browser with Dr.Protect Cache & History Cleaner

Dr.Protect Cache and History Cleaner is able to clean every single part of your Chrome web browser that might have accumulated some of your web browsing tracks. It can easily clear cache, history, cookies, form data, downloads, webSQL, passwords, plugin data, app cache, file systems and local storage from your Chrome web browser. Considering the different types of things it can clean in Chrome, it looks that it almost resets your web browser but leaves a little personalized settings alone.

After the installation of this extension in Chrome web browser, you can click on its icon in the Chrome toolbar. The icon looks very similar to the old icon used by CCleaner. It takes you to the Dr.Protect website and shows you a list of items that can be selected to be cleaned. Among the various items to be cleaned are app cache, cache, cookies, downloads, file systems, form data, history, indexed DB, local storage, server-bound certificates, passwords and extensions.

Dr.Protect Cache and History Cleaner

You can also select an interval for which you want to clear the selected items. You can choose the time from last 1 hour to past four weeks or you can choose all times which would clean all the items since the beginning of the time. After making the selections, you can click on the big green Clean button. It will take a few seconds before it displays the message that all the selected items have been successfully removed.

Dr.Protect Cache and History Cleaner

While it does present an easy-to-use interface and all the history is cleaned in just one click, it does not display all the details about the various detected items. For example, it does not display the number of cookies or their contents if desired as you are able to in other cleaner programs like CCleaner.

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