Winamp Community Update Project : An Attempt to Keep Winamp Alive

Last year when a beta version of Winamp was released and everyone thought that they will see a new version released in the beginning of 2019, we correctly predicted the opposite – Winamp 5.8 Beta is perhaps the last version to see the daylight. More than half of the year is over and Radionomy has not even commented on any progress. And now some Winamp enthusiasts have released a community version of Winamp called Winamp Community Update Project or WACUP in short.

WACUP can be installed on your PC or you can use it in the portable mode. In both cases, it downloads an old Winamp setup file from the internet among other things, so just extracting it to a folder doesn’t work. You can choose to use the portable mode during from the setup installer screen.

Winamp Community Update Project

According to the list of features displayed on the setup screen, the new community version supports many more media formats, has security fixes, has better closing and loading times, provides improved plug-in management support, features additional command line options and more.

The user interface using the default skin looks very much like the old Winamp, but if you start exploring then you will find many new features. Even the Bento skin has been updated and enlarged to make it easy on the eyes especially on the large screen computers.

Winamp Community Update Project

Winamp Community Update Project is an attempt to keep the old media player alive and make it work on the newer computers. Even though it still uses the binary files from the outdated Winamp setup installer, it has been improved and packed with many new components to provide support for new media formats. Furthermore, it also provides with the latest patches, performance tweaks and fixes. We recommend it to all the Winamp fans who grew up in the late 90s when Winamp was the king of all music players.

You can download Winamp Community Update Project (WACUP) from