WatchMe : Timer to Tracks Multiple Tasks in Windows

These days you don’t really need a separate timer as all the smartphones come with a timer app. You can just launch the timer app in your phone and can time anything you want – how long you have been brewing your coffee, how long has it been since you dyed your hair, how long you have been running on your treadmill and so on. But if you have to set the timer for multiple things at the same time, then these apps fail to work as you can time only one thing at one time.

This problem can easily be tackled using WatchMe program for Windows. It is a versatile timer application for Windows that can be used to time a number of tasks. Unlike some of the other timer applications, it allows you to set multiple timers at the same time – each timer working independently of each other and monitoring a different task. This way you can time multiple things simultaneously without launching multiple timer applications spread all over the Windows desktop.


Not only you can add multiple timers in a tab, you can have multiple tabs. This allows you to manage your timers and group them together based on the type of tasks. For example, you can create a tab and add timers related to your cooking in this tab. Another tab could be for finishing up your blog writing etc. You can also customize the timers by giving them a unique name and set alarms and alarm methods for them.

WatchMe can be used in two modes – countdown and stop-watch. In the countdown mode, it can be used to force yourself to finish something in a specified number of minutes. In the stop-watch mode, you can measure how much time it takes to finish a job.

WatchMe is a portable program that allows multiple timers for multiple things. You can use it as countdown or stop-watch timer. And you can even export the timer settings to CSV files.

You can download WatchMe from