Find and Remove Identical Images with ImageFinder

Whether you are downloading wallpapers for your desktop PC or just backing up your daily photoshoot images in your computer, there are some chances that you might end up copying the same files more than once on your hard drive. This is mainly due to the forgetful nature of us human beings. With more than one copy of these image files on your hard drive, you may end up filling up your hard drive and could also get confused as to which one is the real original unedited image.

A free software ImageFinder presents us with a solution and helps you find all of these identical or duplicate images located all over your hard drive. It also gives you options to remove one or more of the identical files from a set. The program has a simple but intuitive user interface – it allows you to simply drag-n-drop the folders on its window to add them to its search list.


There are some options available using which you can tell ImageFinder whether you want exact duplicate images (100% copies) or similar images. For the latter, it can detect images that could be slightly modified. You can set how much similar these images have to be by picking a percentage from a slider control. But choosing a similarity level below 85% does not give very good results.


The results are shown in a list along with the thumbnails of the found images which makes it very easy for you to select which of these images you want to remove. For removing the images from a group, you can right-click on an image and choose options for deleting selected files. There is no backup option so all the deleted files are either sent to the Recycle Bin or are completely deleted from the file system.

Conclusion: The user interface of ImageFinder makes it easy for you to quickly add folders for searching, but the algorithm fails to detect similar images if the similarity level is not set properly. Even with a 90% similarity level, it fails to detect rotated images which are otherwise exact duplicates. For simple duplicate image search, it works great but it is not designed for a little bit advanced duplicate image searching.

You can download ImageFinder from