TwinkiePaste : Paste Canned or Copied Text in Any Program

We all use the clipboard feature in Windows everyday even without realizing how much we depend on it. Each time you copy-paste something, you have used the clipboard because that’s where all the objects are placed temporarily. Unfortunately, this volatile nature of clipboard also means that anything you copy to the clipboard stays there only until you copy something else, another program modifies the clipboard data or until your system is shutdown.

If you want to have some data for pasting available all the time – across different sessions of Windows, then you can try TwinkiePaste. This program is clipboard enhancement utility for Windows. It basically gives you an unlimited and permanent non-volatile space for the clipboard. All the items you copy are saved in TwinkiePaste are available through a special menu that appears when you press the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+Enter. This is the default hotkey, but it can be changed from the settings.


And if you are not fond of hotkeys like many old-timers are, you can use your mouse to click on the small TwinkiePaste window that always keeps floating near the top-right corner of the window. When you click on this window, you get to show the clipboard menu from where you can paste the entries to any program in the focus. You can also change the settings, clear the clipboard, save the history of clipboard and more.


From the TwinkiePaste menu that appears when you use the hotkey, you can paste the current date & time, greetings, website URLs, login credentials, canned speeches and more. It also contains some special tools like translation of the selected text, search for the selected text, open a selected URL, and more. All of these search and translation features utilize the features from Google but you can also configure it to use Bing.

You can download TwinkiePaste from