Hostinger Database Hacked : 14 Million Accounts Affected

Hostinger is one of the very popular web hosting providers around. This Lithuania based web hosting provider has presence all over the world and boasts of millions of customers hosting millions of websites globally. They are very popular for two main reasons – first, they offer all the features you will probably get from an expensive web hosting provider and second, they offer all their services at a very cost effective price. All of their web hosting packages are simply a steal. For example, you can get one year’s hosting for only $11.88 which is more than you spend on a good lunch everyday.

According to Hostinger blog, an unauthorized party accessed their servers on 23rd of August. This server contained customer details like usernames, hashed passwords, first names, email addresses and their IP addresses etc. But the hacked data does not contain any payment data like credit cards because, according to Hostinger, the payment was handled by a third-party payments company.


Hostinger has reset all the passwords and emailed all of the 14 millions customers about the incident. All of the affected customers are supposed to change the passwords to a new stronger one. Hostinger suggests that the customers should use a very strong password. You can use our PassGen tool or Norton’s Password Generator to create a really very strong password for Hostinger account.

Hostinger has taken all the appropriate steps following this incident. For example, they have fixed the server  and upgraded the security level of their servers. They have also reported the incident to the law enforcement agencies. As a customer, you should change your Hostinger account passwords as well as your CMS passwords, for example, WordPress or Joomla login passwords etc.

You can read more about the Hostinger data breach incident at the Hostinger blogs and the Threatpost blog.

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  1. Data protection has become quite difficult these days as several reports suggest that many cybersecurity companies are involved in creating such problems which have led to the rapid market growth in the data security field. Synology and QNap are the most affected data storage companies while DELL, StoneFly, and HPE have managed to steer clear from most of these attacks.

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