How to Enable Night Light in Android Smartphones

Because now we always have one or other kind of LED screen always in front of us (smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, TV, kiosk, billboards and more), all the developers are embracing the practice of including a dark mode, dark theme or night mode in their applications. Android also comes with a dark mode of its own called Night Light. Night light or night mode in Android limits the amount of blue coming from the screen by tinting the screen red. This helps reduce the strain on the eyes and helps you sleep better.

Here is how you can manually enable Night Light in Android:

  1. Swipe down the screen using two fingers to see the quick settings panel.
  2. Look for the Night Light icon (looks like crescent moon) and tap on it.Enable Night Light for Android
  3. Voila! You have enabled night light in your Android smartphone.

If you want to disable night light later, then you can repeat the above steps and it will be disabled. These are the steps for manually enabling or disabling night light. However, if you do not want to keep toggling it off or on yourself and want the whole thing to be automatic, then you can follow these steps:

Here is how you can make Night Light toggle on or off automatically:

  1. Swipe down the screen using two fingers to see the quick settings panel.
  2. Tap on the cogwheel icon once to open Android settings.
  3. In the Android settings tap on Display.Enable Night Light for Android
  4. Under the display settings, locate Night Light and tap on it.
  5. From the options available for Night Light, you can choose to automatically enable it at a specific time. You can either select to turn it on at sunset and turn it off at sunrise, or you can specify a custom time range.

Night Light for Android makes your screen a little red giving you a warmer feeling. This is not only great for your eyes but feels so comfortable when reading messages. Night Light is available only in Android 7.1 Nougat and above versions.