Solway’s Plain Backup : Personalized Backup Software for Windows

We all have to backup our important files regularly to prevent the data loss situation arising for a number of reasons like malware infection, hardware failure, file system corruption etc. But we don’t always need that expensive and complicated backup software. Sometimes, we can do without any backup software at all. We can just copy our important files to an external hard drive ourselves. But if you need a very simple backup software that is almost like taking manual actions yourself, then you can try Solway’s Plain Backup.

As the name of this software suggests, it is very plain and very easy to use backup software. It does not scare you with a number of terms that only geeks can decipher. It makes backup process the easiest thing in the world. It even looks very simple and plain, it has a number of backup groups list in the left and a number of buttons on the right.

Solway's Plain Backup

In Solway’s Plain Backup you simply have to add various groups for backup. Each of these groups contain rules of what should be done when that group is executed. These instructions could be of two types – copying files from a source folder to a destination folder, and executing an external program.

You can have as many such backup groups as you want. You can create one group to backup your digital pictures, one for backing up your videos, another to backup your website and more. You can use these groups as backup profiles. When you want to backup a certain type of files, you can select that group from the list and then click on the Backup button.

Solway's Plain Backup

Solway’s Plain Backup is a very small and lightweight backup program that can be used to backup files, synchronize folders, backup Windows registry, and more. It does not offer advanced backup options like differential backups, incremental backups or cloud backups.

You can download Solway’s Plain Backup from