Alarm and Pill Reminder : Never Forget Taking Your Pills

So many of us have to take pills everyday for one thing or another. If nothing else, we have to take everyday vitamin pills to stay healthy or keep some deficiencies at bay. And sometimes you get confused whether you took a pill or not, sometimes you forget and don’t even know that you skipped the pills until your start feeling bad. Fortunately, there is an easy way to keep yourself reminded of taking the pills at the proper time – through an app called “Alarm and Pill Reminder”.

“Alarm and Pill Reminder” is perhaps the easiest reminder app for Android smartphones. The first thing, you have to do is to tap on the small plus icon in the app and add an alarm. In the alarm settings, you can give it a title, start day and time, whether you want to repeat and on which days of the week, whether the alarm should go on indefinitely or it should stop on a certain date and time, what sort of ringtone should be used etc. In place of the ringtone, you can also record your voice (or your mom’s – much more effective reminder) that would be played at the reminder time.

Alarm and Pill Reminder

After saving the alarm, it becomes active and when the trigger is met, it reminds you of the whatever you configured for. In the reminder screen, you will see the title of the alarm. You are given two options – stop and delay (which is like a snooze button on any standard digital alarm clock). If you use the delay feature, it will postpone the alarm for ten minutes. The alarm ringtone will not stop until you tap on the stop button.

Alarm and Pill Reminder

“Alarm and Pill Reminder” makes it very easy to remind yourself of any important and repetitive tasks such as taking pills. Once configured, this app will remind you regularly of when you have to take which of the pills.

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