How to Delete All Tweets, Retweets and Likes in Seconds

More and more often employers are asking for your social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter so see what kind of a person you are and whether you are not bad mouthing them. Similarly when you make a meet someone new and share your social accounts with them, you already know that they are going to go through your Twitter history.

If you are not really proud of what you have been doing on Twitter for months or years, then it is time to clean up all of your past tweets. Instead of manually deleting all the tweets, retweets and likes, you can use an automated service called TweetDelete.

As the name suggests TweetDelete can get rid of all of your tweets, retweets and likes in a matter of seconds. For using TweetDelete, you will have to login using using your Twitter credentials and authenticate TweetDelete to manage your tweets. Once this is done, you can click on Delete tweets to proceed.


On the next screen, you can select how old tweets should be deleted. By default it selected 3 months or older tweets, which is a wise choice as you do not want to remove some recent important tweets. But you can also choose to delete all of your tweets. You can choose if you want to delete tweets containing a particular word or phrase. You can choose whether you want to run this task only once or periodically. As soon as you click on Delete my tweets button, it will delete your tweets in a few seconds.


The above feature takes care of both tweets and retweets. If you want to delete your likes, then you have to first choose Likes from the top menu and then you can choose the age of likes to delete. Just like before, clicking on Delete my likes will start deleting all of your likes.


TweetDelete is free and perhaps the best way to clean up your Twitter account. It removes all of your tweets, retweets and likes really very fast. But there is no way to recover your tweets once you have deleted them.

You can visit TweetDelete web app at