CIB PDF Brewer : Create PDF from Any Document

CIB PDF Brewer is a versatile PDF creation tool and PDF printer for Windows. Just like all the other PDF printer software it works by installing a virtual printer in your Windows PC. Whenever you want to convert any document into PDF format, all you have to do is open that document in a viewer application that allows printing. After this, you have to initiate the printing of that document followed by selection of the “CIB PDF Brewer” from the list of the printers available in your PC. This will create a PDF document from the original file.

Unlike many other similar software, CIB PDF Brewer allows a lot of customization to the PDF creation process. For this you can change the printer properties for the CIB PDF Brewer virtual printer from the Control Panel in Windows. In the CIB PDF Brewer settings, you can change settings related to file size, layout, output, form, security and cockpit. These settings have to changed only once and they work every time you create PDF document.

CIB PDF Brewer

If you do not want to open a document in its viewer application to convert it into PDF file, then CIB PDF Brewer offers another simpler and quicker method. It creates a shortcut on your Windows desktop with the label “Create PDF”.

CIB PDF Brewer

You can double-click on this “Create PDF” shortcut and it will ask you to select a source file that you want to convert into a PDF document. You can select any type of source file and it will soon open a print dialog for that file. In the print window, you can select CIB PDF Brewer printer and proceed. Pretty soon you will have PDF  document created from the source file.

CIB PDF Brewer

CIB PDF Brewer is an advanced virtual PDF printer for Windows. It comes with many features like font embedding, password protection, document protection and more. PDF files created using it are compaible with all the popular PDF viewing software.

You can download CIB PDF Brewer from