Enable WARP VPN in Cloudflare DNS App for Android and iOS

Cloudflare DNS app for Android and iOS now has a VPN feature built inside in it in addition to the usual ability of setting your device’s DNS servers to Cloudflare ( and This new VPN is being called WARP and works exactly like any other VPN service except that it is powered by Cloudflare servers.

If you have already installed Cloudflare DNS app in your smartphone, then you can just update your app to get this new WARP VPN feature. In the updated version of the app, you are offered WARP as soon as you launch it. But if you do not want to use VPN and just want to enjoy the Cloudflare DNS servers, even then there is nothing to worry as the new version of the app offers two modes – only DNS servers mode, and WARP VPN in addition to the DNS servers.

Cloudflare DNS with WARP

Like the older versions of Cloudflare DNS app, you can toggle its features on and off at the tap of a button. But tapping on the toggle button will enable or disable all the configured features (DNS + WARP). If you want to be able to control whether to use DNS only or DNA and WARP, then you can do so from the settings. In the settings of the Cloudflare app, you can choose or with WARP. The settings also show detailed description for each of these options.

Cloudflare DNS with WARP

Basic WARP VPN service is free, but if you want WARP+ then you have to pay for it. WARP+ is an enhanced version of WARP. Using WARP+, your internet access requests are routed through special networks to ensure that you access the websites and other things, even when regular internet routes are facing a traffic jam.

You can get the Cloudflare mobile app for both Android and iOS from