Cover Commander : Design Covers for Books and Boxes

When you are promoting your books, albums, or other boxed products, you should have a really nice looking box image of that product for the promotional page or advertisement. You can use a traditional graphics software like GIMP or Photoshop for producing such 3D box shots. But a much more convenient and easier approach is to use specialized software such as Cover Commander. It is a software that allows you to design packages, boxes, album covers, CD/DVD labels, book covers and so on.

Cover Commander has a user interface that offers 3D design using different faces of a box. You can select a picture for each side and it will generate a stunning 3D box for your product. The 3D box can be viewed from all the different angles and then saved into a graphics file.

You start by selecting a product type from a list of dozens of different products such as DVD box, book, soft cover book, book with round edges, booklet, manual, Windows Vista DVD box, Blu-ray box, credit card, spiral bound book and so on. In addition, you can also choose mockups of various devices such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, TV, laptop etc. You can also choose to make a custom box design of your own.

Cover Commander

The rest is just choosing different pictures for different sides of the box. You have to design these pictures using other graphics editors like GIMP or Photoshop and how beautiful it looks is all up to you. After this you can customize various options for the box design such as shadows, play of light, reflections, camera angles, whether you want to transform the box images etc.

You can save the 3D box images or the mockup images of devices as PNG images. Furthermore, you can also create eye catching animations and save them as GIF animations. For example, you can create animation of the box rotating around and showing all the different sides.

You can download Cover Commander from