How to Save a Tweet as Image for Future

Twitter is a social network that is always busy with some sort of drama, emotional tweets and angry messages can always be seen. People make and break their relationships on Twitter these days. So if someone tweets something hateful about you, then you may want to save that tweet for future so that you can get back at them for that “Gotcha” moment. This is important because the original tweet could later be deleted and then you won’t have anything to show. Even if you have saved the link, that link will be void if the original tweet has been removed.

One way to ensure that you have the original tweets of others is to save them as images. A free web app called Tweet Cyborg can help you save the tweets as PNG images. The images can be archived on your local folder,  can be shared through social networks and can also be embedded in your blogs or websites.

Save Tweet as Image

In order to use Tweet Cyborg, you can simply copy and paste the tweet URL in the specified URL field. After this you can click on the Convert Tweet to Image button. It will take a few seconds before it fetches the tweet and converts it into an image in its entirety. Afterwards you can click on the Download Image button to download the PNG image to your local storage.

Save Tweet as Image

The downloaded image contains the tweet exactly like it would appear in the web version of Twitter. The tweet image contains the twitter user, the message, any media if embedded, retweets, likes, etc. But it does not include the replies for that tweet. This image is very high resolution and is very useful if you want to save the tweet message for archiving or for embedding them in your websites.

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