Enable Dark Theme in Google Files App for Android

Google’s Files app is a versatile file management app for Android devices. Files app offers many features like searching your files, sharing your files with others without any internet access, cleaning up your smartphone’s storage space, removing junk files and more. If you regularly snap high-definition pictures using your smartphone’s camera and they are taking too much space, then you can also store these files on cloud storage through the Files app. If you want to share files with someone close to you, then Files app provides you WiFi enabled encrypted files sharing that does not require any internet or mobile network access.

Like many other apps, Files app also has received a dark theme in its latest version. Here is how you can enable it:

  1. Launch Google Files app, and tap on the menu icon.Google Files Dark Mode
  2. From the menu choose Settings to access app’s settings.
  3. On the settings screen, you can toggle Dark theme and enable it throughout the app.Google Files Dark Mode

By enabling the dark theme in the Files app, you save your eyes from unnecessary fatigue from constant exposure to bright light in darker surroundings. This is especially very useful if you are working late on your Android tablet and there is no daylight and other lights are also dim. In that case, you can enable the dark theme in Files app and your eyes will thank you.

Other than being gentle on the eyes, Files app in dark theme can also result in saving the battery charge and make it last much longer. This is because the screen of your device consumes more power when it is brightly lit. When you make everything dark, it will consume less power making your battery last longer.

However there is no setting to automatically enable dark theme in the evening or at a certain time. Perhaps this setting will be made available in future versions of the app.