LazPaint : Free Image Editor and Microsoft Paint Alternantive

When Windows 95 was still being used, learning how to use Microsoft Paint was one of the important steps in learning Windows 95 operating system features. Earlier Apple Macintosh also carried a similar program called Mac PaintBrush and used to have many exciting features. Now you can enjoy PaintBrush like interface and features through an open-source program called LazPaint.

LazPaint is designed using open-source development software Lazarus which is open-source alternative to once popular Borland Delphi. One of the striking features of Lazarus is that it creates stand-alone executables that do not depend on any runtimes. LazPaint is also a fully portable image editing software.

LazPaint is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It can be run without installation and comes with all the essential tools for everyday image editing work. You can start a new image or open an existing image. It supports all popular image types including BMP, GIF, ICO, CUR, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PSD, SVG, TGA, TIFF and more.


As far as features are considered, it supports everything you would find in or even a mega feature-set from GIMP. Using this fast image editor, you can easily crop, mirror, rotate, flip, negative or deform images. There are so many tools for color adjustments along with with filters such as blur, sharpen and pixelate.

There are multiple tools that can be used to draw on the images – pen, brush, eraser, clone, foodfill, text, geometric shapes, shaded shapes and more. Applying textures to selected regions is a matter of selecting one of the rendering tools and offers textures like water, plastic, marble, stone, wood etc.

LazPaint supports layers just like in or GIMP. You can add multiple layers fro ease of editing. It supports undoing of as many as 200 operations. This is really a powerful image editor for everyday use.

You can download LazPaint from