Epic Games Store Giveaway : Horror Adventure Game Conarium

Epic Games Store is giving away one game (and sometimes two) every week for free. And this week, they are giving away a horror adventure game called Conarium. This game is loosely based on a short novel titled At the Mountains of Madness of famous author H. P. Lovecraft. This novel was first published in 1936 and has been a sensation ever since. In order to fully enjoy this game, you should read this novel (or at least a synopsis) as the game is set after the events of the novel.

In Conarium, you play one of the four scientists who are on Antarctic expedition. You wake up in the Antarctic without any memory and without the rest of the three traveling companions. This is where your investigation starts – you have to find out what has happened and where are the other scientists. You keep searching for answers to all the questions in your mind and get the answers in terms of items and puzzles.

Conarium Game

Through these as evidence, you can draw a conclusion about what might have happened. Throughout the game play, the protagonist experiences strange sights, visions and dreams that seem to him memories that have been lost in his mind, but he is not able to remember any of that happening.

Conarium Game

Conarium is a horror game and is available for free through Epic Games Store for a week. Giveaway is available only for Windows users, even though the game also supports macOS and Linux. You can visit Epic Games Store website using our link given at the end of this post, login to your account, add the game to cart and checkout. For installing the game, you will need to install Epic Games client in your Windows PC.

You can claim your free copy of Conarium from https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/conarium/home. Giveaway ends on 19th September, 2019.