DeepL for Desktop : Auto-Translate Using Artificial Intelligence

When we want to translate a piece of text, then we just open our browser and use one of the popular translation services like Google Translate or Bing Translate. But some of these translations are not as accurate as human translation. Furthermore, it takes a long time in translating this way – you have to copy the text from your computer (for example, from Microsoft Word), paste it in online web app and then when translation is complete, you have to copy it back into the original application. If you want everything to become automatic, then you can try DeepL for desktop.

DeepL offers translation services powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. This is why DeepL translations are impeccably accurate. They offer online translation web app. In addition, there is a desktop app available that can make things faster for everyday translation. This desktop app is available for both macOS and Windows.

After the installation of DeepL desktop app, it waits in the background and activates when you copy something to the clipboard. A notification appears when you copy something using Ctrl+C hotkey. If you want to translate the text from the clipboard, you can press Ctrl+C once again. You can also click on the notification to translate the copied text.

DeepL for Desktop

The translation is displayed in another window where you have options to choose the target language. It supports translation across many languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Dutch and Polish. You can also choose different translations from the variations.

DeepL for Desktop

It gives you two options after translation – copy the translated text to the clipboard so that you can paste it anywhere you want, or insert the translation automatically in the original application from where you copied the text. The automatic insertion of the translated text is ideal when you are working with editors like Microsoft Word.

Conclusion: Powered by artificial intelligence, DeepL for Desktop is a great solution for everyday translation needs for all the Windows and macOS users. It inserts the translation directly into any editor making it very convenient and time saving translator.

You can download DeepL for Desktop from