Switch Helps Quickly Switch Between Different Apps

There are many ways using which you can switch between various apps or windows in your desktop computers. For example, in a typical Windows PC, you can use the Alt+Tab task switcher, you can use Win+Tab task view hotkey, or use Ctrl+Alt+Tab as static task switcher. Furthermore, you can also select an app from the taskbar like people used to do in the old days. But if you find that these methods are not very fast and you are looking for an even faster way to switch between your favorite apps then you can give Switch a try.

Switch is available only for the desktop computers. It is designed using the Electron framework and it is available for macOS and Windows. You can install it or download the portable version. As you launch it, it will place a dock to the right side of your screen. This dock can be configured to have shortcuts to your favorite apps. In order to add these shortcuts, you can simply click on the plus icon in the place-holders for these apps and choose an application or its shortcut.

Switch for Desktop

Now whenever you want to launch your favorite apps, you can press the Alt key on your keyboard (you can both the left and the right Alt keys) to make the Switch Dock visible. Then you can click on the app shortcuts in the Dock and its done. It cannot be any easier than this.

In the settings (you can access Switch settings from its notification area icon), you can choose whether to automatically hide the Dock or keep it visible all the time. You can also choose if the Dock should be placed to the right or to the left side of your screen.

Switch for Desktop

Conclusion: Switch for desktop computers is a productive and time saving tool. If your taskbar is over-crowded, you can find Dock to be really helpful in switch between your favorite apps.

You can download Switch for desktop computers from https://github.com/ahkohd/switch-desktop/releases.