Epic Games Giveaway : Everything – Be The Universe!

This week Epic Games store is giving away not one but two games for free. One of these games Metro 2033 Redux is not really for young ones in your family as it contains very mature topics and lots of violence. But the second game called Everything – Be the Universe! will certainly be enjoyed by young kids to adolescents. You can also join your kids and have hours of fun on a dull Sunday afternoon. It is a single player game, but you can sit by your kids as they explore our universe through wonderful simulations and amazingly calming music.

The game is more like an elementary school’s introductory book that shows about various things on this planet – animals, microorganisms, plants, rivers, planets, galaxies and more. Compared to the books, Everything game is much more interactive. It does not have any goal that you have to achieve like in the most other games. In Everything, you just have to explore the universe as long as you want to.

Everything - Be the Universe!

But there is a twist and this twist makes it all so much fun – you explore the fun from the perspective of various entities – animals, microorganisms, planet or an entire universe – hence the title of the game “be the universe”. You can switch from one perspective to another and enjoy how everything is perceived from different angles.

You can shift their focus from one viewpoint to another easily. You can go as small as sub-atomic particles and see the world from that perspective. On the upper boundary, you can go as big as possible and become an entire universe. The game uses artificial intelligence based simulations.

In order to claim your free copy of Everything – Be the Universe!, you can visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/everything/home, sign in to your account and get it for free. The giveaway will last only this week.