Epic Games Giveaway : Metro 2033 Redux

Every week Epic Games Store gives away games for their customers to celebrate their one successful year. And this week, they are giving away an action packed, first person shooter Metro 2033 Redux. It is a survival game with a storyline that takes you in a post-apocalyptic world.

It follows an apocalyptic event that turned everything into rubble, made open ground toxic and environment hostile to living organisms. A few people who survived this event took refuge in Moscow underground and started living there. Now after many years, an entire generation that was born and raised in the Moscow undergrounds. This new generation has never seen anything else but the underground tunnels.

You play as Artyom, a man who was born and raised underground. You have been given a very important job to inform the remaining human beings who have been living in the tunnels of other Metro stations. The information is necessary for survival as without this information nobody will know of the imminent threat that could wipe out the remaining people.

Metro 2033 Redux

You run through various underground tunnels, catacombs, a maze full of violent creatures to reach outside for the very first time so that you can contact others. At every step, dangers are lurking and they will attack you when you are most vulnerable. The game is not about killing the big monster in the end and winning. You will realize near the end of the game that you are in a very difficult situation and your final decision can save a lot of lives.

This game is loosely based on the 2002 novel “Metro 2033” by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky. Perhaps you will enjoy the game more if you read this novel first and it will help you decide better.

Anyway, if you want to claim your free copy of the “Metro 2033 Redux” game, then you can head over to: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/metro-2033-redux/home. The giveaway will last only for a week.