Thunder VPN : Fast, Unlimited VPN Proxy for Android

If you want to be anonymous on the internet, then the first thing you have to do is hide your public IP address. You can hide your public IP address as assigned to you by your internet service provider (ISP) using any good VPN proxy server. By using a good VPN (virtual private network) server, you can access the internet through the internet access of another network located half the way across the world. This way not only you hide your real IP address and get a new public IP address, but you also improve your privacy and access the websites otherwise blocked in your location.

There are dozens of VPN servers available for everyone and for free, but not all of them are unlimited. Many of these impose a limitation of a few hundred megabytes everyday or a total of few gigabytes per month. If you do not like such limitations then you can use Thunder VPN server app for Android smartphones. It is fast, free and unlimited unlike any other similar app.

Thunder VPN

The Thunder VPN app for Android is the easiest to use. It does not confuse the users with too many settings. All you have to do is launch Thunder VPN app and tap on the Connect button. In a few seconds, after showing some of interesting graphics, it will be connected to the fastest VPN server available nearest to you.

Thunder VPN

If you want to change the VPN server then you can tap on the small flag icon and then choose the one that you like from a list of servers. In the free version, you have a choice of VPN servers located in France, UK, Singapore, US, Netherlands and Germany. If you want even faster and more stable servers, then you will have to subscribe for a VIP plan.

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