How to Sync Vivaldi Browser User Data Across Multiple Devices

Vivaldi browser has been available for all the desktop platforms like Linux, macOS and Windows for a long time. This week they have also released Vivaldi for Android devices. With Vivaldi running on so many platforms, it is natural that you would want to sync your personal user data across all of your devices. Through syncing, you can ensure that all of your saved data such as bookmarks, settings, passwords, auto-fill form data, history, remote sessions, extensions and notes are available on Vivaldi browser running on all of your devices.

Before you can start syncing, you should create a Vivaldi account. This can be done easily by visiting and following on-screen instructions. You must login to your Vivaldi account in your Vivaldi browser on all the devices that you want to sync (if you cannot find option to login, then don’t worry  you will find the option later on). After this, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Launch Vivaldi browser in your desktop computer. Click on the user icon near the top-right corner and select the Sign in to Sync option.Syncing Vivaldi Browser
  2. The Sync option will appear from the settings. Use your Vivaldi account credentials to sign-in. If you don’t have Vivaldi account, there is an option to create a new account.Syncing Vivaldi Browser
  3. After successful login, you will see the syncing options. You can sync everything or choose what type of data should be synced. After this, you can click on the Start Syncing button.Syncing Vivaldi Browser
  4. Before starting syncing for the first time, you have to set a password to encrypt the synced data. This password is needed for subsequent syncing sessions. After syncing is complete, you will see success status for both download and upload.Syncing Vivaldi Browser

The process is similar for mobile version of the Vivaldi web browser. If you want to remove the synced data, then you can choose to reset the remote data from withing the Vivaldi browser.