Vidyard GoVideo : Record and Share Videos from Chrome Browser

Youngsters who want to start out their YouTube career keep looking for video editing or video recording software and often end up paying hundreds of dollars for professional video editing software. The truth is that beginners do not need expensive professional software. They can start out using some of the very impressive free tools available online. For example, if you want to record yourself explaining something, you can record yourself through your computer’s webcam using Vidyard GoVideo extension for the Chrome web browser.

Vidyard GoVideo extension for the Google Chrome browser allows you to record your computer screen, your browser tabs or your webcam into a video. But before you can use GoVideo, you have to create a Vidyard account. All the videos that you record will be automatically uploaded to this Vidyard account from where you can share them to other places on the internet.

Vidyard GoVideo

In order to start recording, you can click on the Vidyard GoVideo icon in the toolbar and it will show you options to record the webcam, the current tab or the full computer screen. In addition, you can enable webcam and microphone while you are recording your screen or a particular browser tab. You can start recording by clicking on the Record button and stop recording by clicking on Vidyard GoVideo icon in the toolbar.

Vidyard GoVideo

You can record videos of a maximum length of 1 hour. As soon as video recording is stopped, it is uploaded to your Vidyard account and you are shown a notification that your video is ready. After this, you will be taken to your Vidyard account from where you can edit the video settings (such as description, caption etc) and then continue to share it with others.

Vidyard GoVideo

For sharing, you can choose to copy the direct link and email it to others or copy the link over social networks. But you can also share video directly through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or GMail. However, you cannot download the video file to your local storage. For being able to download the video file to your computer, you will need a pro account.

Vidyard GoVideo

Conclusion: Vidyard GoVideo for Chrome makes it extremely easy for you to record your videos, share them and track the video statistics. It is ideal for creating presentations and explanatory videos.

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