Wappalyzer Tells Web Technologies Used by Any Website

As a blogger or website owner, we are interested in knowing what kind of technologies other websites are using. To a certain degree, you can tell about some technologies just by visiting that website. For example, phpBB forums look similar and they all have phpBB logo somewhere on the forums. In other cases, you can look at the source code of a webpage and know some of the technologies being used. For example, a WordPress based site can be detected just by looking at its source code and sometimes you can even know the WordPress theme being used.

But you do not have to go around snooping through the source codes of various websites just to find out all the web technologies being used. You can use a free browser extension called Wappalyzer to find out all these details. Wappalyzer is a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. It is also available as a bookmarklet for other browsers like Apple Safari.


Using Wappalyzer, you can analyze a website for all the technologies that it is using. For this, you can visit a website and then click on icon that appears in the address bar to the right. This icon automatically changes to reflect the website technologies being used. In the details, it can show you many things like web server, analytics system, programming language, various frameworks, captcha, font script, tag manager, SEO plugin, CMS used, database engine, and so on. There is hardly anything that it cannot detect. You can click the application names in the list for additional information.


Wappalyzer can be used to find out what latest technologies are being used by website developers, bloggers and professionals. It can also be used to check your own website and see how much information can be seen by anyone.

You can download Wappalyzer for Chrome or Firefox from https://www.wappalyzer.com/download.