Pegasun System Utilities : Improve Windows PC Performance

When you buy a new computer, it works flawlessly and you gets impressed that you have invested your hard earned money judiciously. But as time passed by and you have used your computer for a few months, you start to notice that now it is taking longer to boot and the overall performance has gone down. This reduction in performance is because of the junk build-up and because your system settings are not fine tuned.

Using a software suite like Pegasun System Utilities, you can easily clean junk files that have accumulated on your hard drive, fine tune various settings, clean memory, defragment hard drive, enhance Windows privacy settings and more. It presents a very user friendly interface from which you can quickly locate the tools that you are looking for.

It offers a 1-click maintenance tool using which you can perform an all around tuneup of your Windows PC without having to jump from one tool to another. This feature also saves your time and uses an array of tools to cleanup and tune-up of your system. Anytime you want to improve your system performance, you can use this 1-click maintenance tool to speed up your system.

Pegasun System Utilities

If you want to manually launch and use some of these tools, then you can access them from “Toolbox” section. From here you can access all the tools including the ones for optimization of your system (startup manager, server manager, cleanup, registry cleaner etc), security (such as spyware defender and file protection), and person (backup, file encryption, auto-shutdown, privacy cleaner etc).

It comes with a turbo mode using which you can dramatically enhance your system speed. It is similar to the game mode that is offered by some other programs. In the turbo mode, it temporarily suspends unnecessary services, processes, and managing power plans. This frees up system resources for other things like games and graphics editors.

Pegasun System Utilities

Pegasun System Utilities is a free and complete system maintenance software. It can enhance system performance, protect your privacy and defend your system against spyware. It can also fix some of the errors in Windows and make programs launch faster than before.

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