Epic Games Giveaway : Horror Game “Layers of Fear”

Epic Games Store is once again back with another giveaway. This time they have picked a horror game to go with the Halloween festivities. They are giving away a psychedelic horror game “Layers of Fear” for the Halloween weekend. This type of games do not have much of gore or visual horror scenes, but they give you spooky sensations through background music and by creating an atmosphere of eeriness.

In the “Layers of Fear”, you enter the world of an insane painter in his Victorian mansion. This game has to be played slowly to enjoy it the most. You have to explore everything around you and follow the story line. You have to find out why a formerly very famous painter has suddenly become so insane. Perhaps the secret is hidden in his paintings? Are those paintings speaking to you?

Layers of Fear

Depending on how you play this game and the choices you make, you will see a different version every time you play it. Similarly, the game may get a different ending every time you complete the game – this makes it even more exciting.

The game that Epic Store is giving away is “Layers of Fear : Inheritance” in this game, you play the daughter of the mad painter. You return back to your childhood home to relive your past and discover some of the things that could explain some of the future events. This game is set in the America of 1960s. You will have to unravel the layers of fear, as you begin to explore your dilapidated childhood home through your flashlight.

You can grab a free copy of the horror game “Layers of Fear” from Epic Games Store by visiting https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/layers-of-fear/home and clicking on the Get button. This giveaway will last whole week long and is just in time for the Halloween weekend.