Files Inspector : Free Tool to Manually Clean Disk Space in Windows

All Windows computers are destined to accumulate lots of junk files over a period of time. These junk files are totally useless and are only taking up your valuable storage space. This is why there are so many cleaning programs available on the internet. Programs like CCleaner are able to help you find and clean the junk files and other garbage from your hard drive. But all of these programs are more or less automatic in nature and do not give the user much of the choice on how to decide which of the files are junk.

If you want full control over how your hard drives are cleaned, then you can try Files Inspector – a free tool for manually cleaning up the hard drive. This tool can analyze your hard drive and helps you decide which of the files should be removed. It can display various types of files that are taking up a huge amount of space on your hard drives.

Files Inspector

After analyzing all the partitions (it might take a long time), it will display results in the graphical format – how much space is being consumed by the pictures, applications, games, videos, downloads, music etc. You can select any of these categories to see more details about these files and the options available for you. For example, when you select the “Pictures” category, it gives you option to compress the pictures and reduce their file size.

Having found and located some of the unneeded files or folders in the list, you can delete them without the need to use Explorer or another tool for working with the file system. This process can help you delete all the unnecessary files from your system. To keep things on the safe side, it sends the deleted files to the “Recycle Bin” from where they can be restored easily.

You can download Files Inspector from