Use Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously with Seaside Multi Skype Launcher

We all use Skype for staying in touch with our friends, family members and business acquaintances. You can use to text chat with other, make free calls with other Skype users and if you have bought a subscription, then you can even call telephone numbers and mobile numbers all over the world. If you use Skype for business then you can buy a spare telephone number too that works with Skype.

Many people use two or more Skype accounts, one for personal use and another for business or work use. With so many accounts, you have to first log off from one account and then login to another in order to use the second account. But with the help of a free tool Seaside Multi Skype Launcher, you can use more than one Skype account at the same time without having to logout from any of these accounts.

Seaside Multi Skype Launcher works in Windows only. It is a very lightweight and small program that barely uses any of your system resources. In its user interface, you have to add all the Skype accounts that you want to use simultaneously. In order to add the accounts, you simply have to click on the Add Account button.

Seaside Multi Skype Launcher

You have to specify three things – your Skype account username, your account password and whether you are using Skype desktop client or Skype web client. Since the new versions of Skype can save the passwords for later use, you can skip adding the passwords in Seaside Multi Skype Launcher configuration.

After adding your Skype accounts, you can either right-click on any of these Skype accounts in the list and select Start Skype with this Account or you can click on the Start Skype with all Accounts to start Skype instances for all the added accounts.

Seaside Multi Skype Launcher

Since a new instance of Skype is loaded for each account, you may run into memory problem if you launch too many accounts and your computer has small amount of RAM. Everything else runs smoothly and you can access all the different Skype accounts from their individual Skype icons from the notification area.

You can download Seaside Multi Skype Launcher from