How to Disable “Deceptive Site Ahead” Warning in Firefox

Sometimes when you are trying to visit a website and instead of the website, Firefox browser shows you a red colored warning page. The warning is about “Deceptive content ahead” and is displayed because Firefox thinks that the website in question could be malicious or deceptive in nature. Mozilla gets data about these deceptive websites using Google Safe Browsing index. When Firefox finds that you are attempting to access such websites, it blocks them and shows the aforementioned warning.

But if you are sure that the website that you are trying to open in Firefox is safe and there could have been some misunderstanding on Mozilla’s part, then you can still access that website by turning off the security features in Firefox a notch.

Deceptive Site Ahead

Here is how you can disable deceptive site ahead warning in Mozilla Firefox browser:

  1. Launch Firefox web browser, click on the menu icon in the toolbar and select Options from the menu.
  2. From the options screen, select Privacy & Security section from the left side.
  3. Scroll down and find the Security section.
  4. Uncheck the checkbox labeled Block dangerous and deceptive content.Deceptive Site Ahead
  5. This is all, now you can go back to the warning page and refresh it using F5 key. Now the warning will disappear in the target webpage will be loaded.

Even though this method allows you to access all the websites including the ones that Mozilla suspects to be malicious in nature, it exposes you to the risk of getting infected through drive-by-download attacks. It also puts you to the risk of coming across some phishing websites. As such this method should never be used by beginners and when you have to use it, you should ensure that you have a very good security solution (such as Avast Internet Security or ESET Internet Security) installed in your PC and that you are using latest version of Mozilla Firefox.