MorphVox Pro : Voice Changing Software with Sound Effects

Whether you do not want your real voice to be heard over Twitch while playing countless games, or you just want to play a harmless prank on your friends, you can change your voice with the hep of MorphVox Pro. It is a voice changing software for Windows using which you can change your voice into the voice of a man, a woman, a child, a demon, a dog or a robot. It can perform the voice transformation both in real time (as soon as you speak in the microphone) and can also change the voice in pre-recorded WAV files.

MorphVox Pro installs a virtual microphone in your Windows PC. If you want to use your morphed voice to be used in any application or in your web browser, you have to use this ScreamingBee microphone. This way you can use MorphVox voice changer in almost any application in real-time.

The way it changes your voice is controlled from the MorphVox window. You can simply select one of the presets from the list such as child, hell demon, I robot, man or woman. But if you don’t like any of these, then you can modify these presets and create your own voice. For this you can find all the options and controls from the “Tweak Voice” section. For example, you can easily create a gender-less voice.

MorphVox Pro

Other than changing your voice, you can also use it to add background sound to your voice such as tick-tock sound of a clock, sound of city traffic as if you standing in the middle of city and more. You can also use after effects that can change the morphed voice like chorus effect or echo effect.

MorphVox Pro can make your pranks much more fun and your voice match those of your online game characters. It is really good at changing your voice and adding other effects.

You can download MorphVox Pro from