Ultimate File Manager : Advanced File Manager for Windows

Windows 10 comes with a pretty solid Windows File Explorer that can do everything an average user desires, but it leaves advanced users wanting more. This is why there are alternative file management software like Midnight Commander or Multi Commander are so popular. You can work around your files much quicker and more efficiently using some of these file managers. And if you want an advanced file manager fine tuned for maximum performance and packed with some extra tools then you can try Ultimate File Manager or UFM in short.

It is an advanced file management software that comes with some of the very popular software included in the installation package. For example, it comes with Notepad++ editor, AIMP media player and WinMerge file comparison tool. All these applications are pre-configured to bring out the best in them, but you can change the settings later too. During the installation, you have to choose which file manager you would want to use by default – Midnight Commander (not free for Windows) or Multi Commander (completely free).

Ultimate File Manager

UFM comes in two versions – Lite and Full. The lite version packs only Notepad++, AIMP and WinMerge. The full version that is much larger in file size, packs many many more useful applications. Lite version is around 60MB in size while the full version is around 300 MB. During the installation, you can also choose to use it in the portable mode.

Ultimate File Manager

UFM allows you to manage all files and applications in the best and easiest way. Depending on which of the file managers you choose (we suggest Multi Commander), it will open up in the respective mode. It is pre-configured and you will find some special menu items and hotkeys to access some external tools. Its two pane user interface is really useful when you are copying files from one folder to another, comparing files between two folders or creating backups from to a folder.


You can download Ultimate File Manager from https://www.pawelporwisz.pl/ufm/ufm_en.php.