AOMEI 9th Anniversary Celebration : Partition Assistant Pro Giveaway

It has been nine years since AOMEI started creating their useful software for PC and Mac users. And they have decided to celebrate their ninth anniversary by giving away their most popular software AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro that can be used to create, edit and delete partitions on your hard drives and solid state drives. This software is also available in a free version but the pro version packs in many more goodies.

Using the AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro, you can perform many partition related tasks such as:

  • Resize or Move Partitions – You can change the size of any existing partition or move that partition in front or behind of another partition. All this is done without losing any data as it copies the data after resizing or moving the partitions.
  • Merge or Split Partitions – You can combine one or more partitions into a large single partition so that it can have more space. Similarly, one large partition can be split into many smaller ones so that they can be used for many different things.AOMEI Partition Assistant
  • Migrate to new SSD or HDD – If you buy a new SSD then you can migrate your operating system files to this new storage drive without having to reinstall everything. You can also migrate from MBR to GPT partitions easily by using the migration feature.
  • Alignment of Storage Drives – Alignment of partitions is necessary for better performance of the storage drives like SSD and HDD. It aligns the partitions to the reasonable physical boundaries available in the storage drive for optimum performance.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Giveaway

In order to claim the AOMEI Assistant Pro license, you can visit the special link and download the ZIP archive. Inside the ZIP archive, you will find the setup installer package for AOMEI Assistant Pro and the license code. You can register Assistant Pro using this license code between November 18, 2019 and November 24, 2019.

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