ScrollAnywhere : Scroll Webpages without Touching Scrollbars in Firefox

When you are reading a long article on a website, you have to scroll it down as you go through its contents. Desktop PC users depend on their wheel mouse to do most of the scrolling whether it is websites or something else. Notebook PC users can also make use of the touchpad for scrolling easily on websites. And if you have a touchscreen PC then you can use your computer just like a smartphone or a tablet.

If you do not want to use your mouse or touchpad to scroll up and down various webpages then you can make use of the ScrollAnywhere extension in the Firefox web browser. With the help of this extension, you can scroll any webpage without touching the scrollbar that is displayed to the right side of your browser window.


After installing this extension, you can simply press and hold the middle mouse button and then move the cursor downward to scroll down the page or upwards to scroll up that webpage. If you move the cursor further away from the original point then it will accelerate the scrolling. You can also scroll left and right.


By default, ScrollAnywhere uses the middle button of your mouse to do the scrolling but you can change the options to use the left or the right mouse buttons as well. In the options you can also choose the mode of working to “Grab and Drag” which basically exhibits the same behavior as your smartphone or tablet – you can click and drag your webpage using this feature.


You can also reverse the scroll direction (moving cursor up will scroll down and vice versa). There are many other useful options like the requiring pressing one of the control keys before scrolling, change the scroll speed and more.

You can get the ScrollAnywhere extension for Firefox from