Mac Backup Guru : Hard Drive Cloning and Backup Software for Mac

If you don’t want to experience the nightmare of data loss, then you should keep regular backups of your files. Mac users have many options available for backing up their files other than the Time Machine. For example, Mac Backup Guru can be used to not only make normal backups, but also create full hard drive clones and bootable backups.

Mac Backup Guru offers three unique backup methods: direct cloning for bootable backups, synchronization for syncing files across folders or drives, and incremental snapshots for preserving changes in the file system as you modify your files.

In the user interface of Mac Backup Guru, you can create backup tasks containing the source files, destination and the backup method. You can choose to run these backup tasks manually or schedule them to be run at a specific date and time. You can make the tasks repetitive, for example, schedule them to run every Monday.

Mac Backup Guru

We found bootable backups created by Mac Backup Guru to be the most useful feature. If suddenly your Mac decides not to work because of file system problems or operating system changes, then you can use one of the bootable backups to boot into a former cloned image of the system. You can keep using this older self of the system until you have time to restore or fix the Mac problem.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is the backup snapshots. If you create backups using snapshots, then it can store file history backups of thousands of gigabytes in only a few gigabytes storage. This storage space saving feature makes use of the hardlinks to older backups.

Mac Backup Guru is a full featured and convenient backup software for Mac. It can replace Time machine so that you have better control over how and when backups are created or updated.

You can download Mac Backup Guru from