Automate Everything in Windows PC Using xStarter

Everyday at work, we have to go through a myriad of tasks on the computers in a particular order. We continue to repeat these tasks daily for months and this repetition can make the work very boring after a while. You can save your valuable time by automating these tasks that you perform very often using xStarter. This software can automate each and every action in your Windows computer. Not only it comes with dozens of common tasks (such as take screenshot and open it in Microsoft Paint) ready to be executed, but it also allows you to create new tasks for your use.

In xStarter, you can find a number of categories and many tasks under these categories that you can use instantly. You can customize these tasks and add, remove or modify the actions under these tasks. You can schedule any of these tasks to be run at a particular time or date. All the activities of all these tasks are logged so that you can check what actually happened when as task was run the last time.


In addition to using pre-made tasks or modifying them for your custom use, you can also create new tasks from scratch. As you create a new task, you have to choose a category for it or create a new category. For each task, you can give a name and add one or more actions to be executed when that task is run. You can add a number of versatile actions such as uploading files on FTP servers, taking screenshots, copying files and more.

xStarter can also pack each task into a small executable EXE file. This is really useful if you want to manually launch a task containing multiple actions whenever you want. For this, you have to first select a task and then select Tasks → Compile task as executable from the menubar.

Conclusion: xStarter claims to save 35% of your work time by helping you automate some of the most often used repetitive everyday tasks. It is easy-to-use and can be used even by beginners. Since it offers task scheduling, you can set it once and forget about it while it keeps running automated tasks in the background like clockwork.

You can download xStarter from