How to Make Photo Calendars with Calme

We are again near the end of another year and now we all have to go through some basic changes like buying new stationary, diaries and calendars for the new year. But all the calendars, whether they are for your office desk or for the walls, are commercially made and may not have pictures to your taste. If you want to have personalized photo calendars having pictures of yourself or your family members, then you can either contact a commercial printing press or you can make them yourself if you have half a decent printer capable of printing on glossy paper sheets.

For designing and printing personalized photo calendars, we can use a free software called Calme. It is designed using Java and as such you must have JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed in your Windows PC before installing and running Calme. After launching Calme, the first thing you should do is check for updates by selecting Help → Check for Updates from the menubar. Updating is necessary so that it can download the new version of Calme that supports future years including the year 2020.

Calme Calendar Software

Calme shows a gallery of various templates for both the photo calendars and year planners. You can choose any of these templates to proceed further and customize the template to create your own calendar. You can change the picture, the font, the page size, the margins for the calendar content, and more. You can adjust the way image appears on the calendar – you can zoom it, drag it to fit on the calendar, crop the images, fit the image horizontally or fit the image vertically and so on.

Calme Calendar Software

You can add holidays and they will be reflected in the calendar. Once the calendar is finished, you can click on the “Print Preview” button to have a preview of the calendar. If you are satisfied, you can send the finished calendar to the printer and get it printed on a glossy paper.

You can download Calme calendar designer from or from