SuperDuper! Helps Create Bootable Backups in Mac

Creating regular backups is the only way of ensuring that in the event of data loss you don’t lose all of your important files. You may lose data through hard drive failure, file system corruption, malware infection or any other reason, you can always restore the files if you had created a backup earlier. We cannot talk enough about the importance of making regular backups especially in today’s times when a new type of malware called ransomware poses a threat to your data.

If you are a Mac user, then you can use a powerful data backup and recovery solution called SuperDuper! It offers a very simple user interface but at the same time packs all the necessary features for backing up your files, closing your drives and full system backup.

In the SuperDuper! interface, you can basically select then source drive and the destination drive and a backup method before clicking on the Copy Now button. This is all it takes to start the backup process – nothing can be easier than using this backup software.


For the people who love options and advanced settings, it offers a number of backup methods, for example,  you can backup all files, backup all user files, or restore the files. You can schedule a backup task and make it run on a specific day and time. If you choose to smart update for backup, then it saves your deleted files in snapshots and you can recover your files from any of these snapshots later.

SuperDuper! is very quick and powerful backup software that can make clones of your hard drives so that you can quickly restore entire hard drives later when needed. If the backup is stored on a removable storage device then it can also be made bootable which is helpful to restore your system when it fails to boot.

You can download SuperDuper! for Mac from