AVS Document Converter : Convert Across Various Document Formats

Different types of document formats provide different advantages and are suited for different tasks. For example, Adobe PDF documents are great for archiving your documents while Microsoft Word documents are great when you are printing something out. For all of these reasons we have to convert the documents from one format to another very often. We can use some web apps or format specific tools to convert the documents but a much more convenient way is to use AVS Document Converter.

It is a free document conversion tool that can help you convert documents between a number of file formats such as DOC, PDF, DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML, etc. It offers a convenient user interface with all the options in the same window. You have to begin by adding files in the AVS Document Converter window. Depending on the file format, it will show you a preview of the added files. Once these source files have been added, you can choose an output file format from the left-side of the window.

AVS Document Converter

By selecting options like To PDF, To DOC, To HTML, To DOCX etc., you can select the output file format. As soon as you select the destination format, more options appear for that file format. For example, if you choose “To Image” in order to convert the selected document into image files, you are given options to choose image type (JPEG, BMP, PNG etc), you can choose image quality, you can rename the files and more. After this, you can simply click on the Convert Now button and it will copy the converted documents in the output folder.

Apart from the document format conversion, AVS Document Converter can also be used to create e-books. For this, you simply have to choose a DOC, DOCX or PDF document as source and then select ePUB as the destination format.

You can download AVS Document Converter from https://www.avs4you.com/avs-free-document-converter.aspx.