WinDataReflector : Backup and Synchronize Multiple Folders Simultaneously

If you regularly backup your important files by copying them to your external hard drive, then you can expedite your daily backup tasks with the help of WinDataReflector. It is a free portable software to synchronize two or more folders so all of them contain the exact same files. It also offers simple backup tasks using which you can backup folders, partitions or even entire hard drives.

WinDataReflector is available in a portable version that you can keep on your portable drives along with all the backup or syncing settings. This makes it very easy to run the backup tasks as soon as you attach the portable drives. If you install WinDataReflector in Windows, then you can also schedule backup or synchronization tasks to be run at regular intervals.

The user interface of WinDataReflector shows different tasks in form of tabs of different colors so that you can visually identify them easily. In each of the tabs, you can select one source folder and another destination folder. You can change settings for each of these individual tasks before click on the process button. For the synchronization tasks, you can choose 1-way or 2-way synchronization. Backup tasks allow you to compress the backups in the ZIP file format that can later be opened by any ZIP program like 7-Zip.


If you want to schedule some of these tasks then it will keep running in the background and monitor the source or destination folders for any changes. As soon as changes are found, they are synced into another folder. In this way, modifications in one folder are reflected in another directory without user intervention.

WinDataReflector is a useful backup and syncing tool for Windows. It is portable and can auto-detect devices to auto-start certain pre-configured backup tasks. However, these advanced features are not available in the free version of WinDataReflector and the free version is also limited to just three tasks and 150 files.

You can download WinDataReflector from