DWService: Quick Remote Access Application for Windows, macOS and Linux

DWService is a small remote access tool that offers very fast remote computer access for a number of platforms – Windows, macOS, Linux (including Raspberry and Pine). This remote access tool can be used in two modes – after installation in the remote computer or in the portable mode. The latter mode (portable) does not require any configuration at all and simply shows you a temporary user ID and password that can be used to access that computer through DWService.

Quick access without any configuration

If you install DWService agent in the remote computer then it will give you options and you can configure various things. But you do not have to install it, you can choose the Run without install option after launching the downloaded agent program. In a few seconds, it will create a temporary user ID and password for your computer. You can then use these credentials to remotely access your computer from anywhere in the world.


Remote access through web browser from anywhere

When you visit the DWService website in your web browser, it shows two options – download DWService agent and login using DWService credentials. The first option if for downloading the agent application and setting it up in the remote computer. The second option is for accessing the remote computer using that computer’s DWService credentials. So basically, in order to access a computer on which DWService agent is running, you can simply visit DWService website and login using the DWService credentials.


Web based remote access

The web based remote access provides a very neat interface divided under various tabs – Files and Folders, Text Editors, Log Watch, Resources and Screen. Under the Files and Folders tab, you will be able to access all the available drives and all the files present on them. Under the Text Editors tab, you can view and edit plain text files which is useful for editing configuration files. Log Watch allows you to view a system log that is updated regularly. Resources tab shows details about the system resources CPU usage, available RAM, processes and services running on the remote computer. You can also stop or start these services if proper access is given. The Screen tab gives you full visual control of the remote computer. You can view the screen of the remote system, switch to the full-screen mode, operate with your mouse and the keyboard, share clipboard and more.


Advanced features with DWService account

More features are available if you register a DWService account and install  the agent on the remote computers. For example, if you have a DWService account then you can add multiple remote connections to your account and monitor them remotely at the same time. If you install the agent on the remote computers, then it also allows you to customize the device name (username) and the passwords along with other settings.

Final words

DWService is really impressive as everything works smoothly without hogging all the system resources like some other remote access tools. It offers two modes – one for quick access without installation which is useful for occasional remote connection requirements, and second for advanced users who want to monitor or control their computers remotely. It is open-source, free and allows you to add an unlimited number of remote connections to your account. We recommend DWService if you need really quick remote access to your computers without having to install anything.

You can download DWService from https://www.dwservice.net/en/download.html.