How to Edit PDF Documents Using PDFelement PDF Editor

When Adobe introduced PDF file format in 90s, perhaps they had no idea that it is going to become so much popular in the future. It was designed with focus on holding the same format, fonts and style irrespective of the platforms on which the PDF files are to be viewed or printed. Since the early 90s, PDF files have only become more advanced and now include security and privacy features too. Seeing the popularity of the PDF documents, now all the web browsers support viewing of PDF documents natively inside them without requiring any third-party plugins. Some of the printers can also print PDF documents directly through USB pen drives.

Why do we need to edit PDF Files?

While PDF documents do retain the same format across all the platforms and applications, they are a little bit difficult to edit. One may feel the need to modify PDF if its only a small change to be made in the original document, you may have to remove or add pages or other elements in the PDF file. For editing PDF documents you will need a special software that can either directly modify PDF or at least can convert them into the file formats that can be edited readily.

Adobe offers a very impressive PDF file editor called Adobe Acrobat DC to create and edit PDF documents, but it is also very expensive and may not work on computers having a bit older hardware. Instead we can use a very affordable PDF editor software like PDFelement that offers all the features you may desire like creating, editing or converting of PDF documents. Moreover, PDFelement has a friendly and easier-to-follow user interface.

If you are hunting for a good PDF editor that is both easy to use and affordable, then you should definitely consider PDFelement Pro. As a reader, you will get 50% discount on the overall cost of purchasing PDFelement Pro license if you use our discount link to buy the license. This link can be found near the end of this article.


How can we use PDFelement to edit PDF documents?

PDFelement offers an intuitive user interface and shows a startup screen from where you can choose all the basic operations that can be performed on PDF documents. Here is how you can edit any PDF document using PDFelement:

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  1. Launch PDFelement and either select the Edit option from the startup screen or choose FileOpen to open the PDF document you desire to edit. You can pick the file from your local storage or from the cloud storage.PDFelement
  2. Once the file has been opened, you can select Edit section from the toolbar and can choose any of the editing tools like adding images, add text to PDF, creating links, edit the background, add numbers to the pages, add watermarks, edit header and footer, remove any element from the pages, etc.PDFelement
  3. If you want to make changes to the pages then you can select the Page option from the toolbar. It will show a gallery of all the pages. You can right-click on any page to insert, replace, extract, delete, OCR or rotate pages. Depending on the selected function, you have to go through some extra steps.PDFelement
  4. For commenting on PDF documents, you can select the Comment section in the toolbar. Here you will find all the commenting and annotation tools such as drawing shapes and arrows, pencil, eraser, change the text style and more.

How to convert PDF to Word, Excel and PowerPoint using PDFelement?

While PDFelement makes it very easy to directly edit any PDF document, sometimes it is much more convenient for the users to edit a document using an editor that they are familiar with. For example, some users who have been using Microsoft Word for years would love to be able to edit the PDF files inside Word.

Using PDFelement, you can convert any PDF documents into Microsoft Office document such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. After the conversion, you can open them in respective editors and edit them as you like.

Here is how you can use PDFelement to convert PDF documents into other formats:

  1. Launch PDFelement and open the PDF document that you wish to convert.
  2. Select the Convert section from the toolbar above.PDFelement
  3. From here you can choose the options to convert the selected PDF file into Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, image files, plain text files, ePub ebooks, HTML documents, RTF documents etc.
  4. Depending on the target file format, you may have to pick more options before the conversion is complete. For example, if you choose to convert a PDF document into JPEG images then you can optionally choose the quality percentage of the JPEG files.

Final words

PDFelement Pro is a complete and comprehensive PDF document for all PDF related operations. It can be used to create, edit and convert PDF documents very easily. Additionally, it includes all the security and encryption related tools using which you can protect your documents against unwanted access. You can use it to convert scanned papers into editable PDF files, add digital signatures, create forms, fill out PDF forms, archive them into PDF/A format, add bates page numbering, use optical character recognition (OCR), compress and optimize PDF files, batch process documents, and more.

Even though PDFelement Pro packs full set of features for creating, editing, commenting, annotation or digitally signing and can compete toe-to-toe with Adobe Acrobat DC in all these features, it maintains affordability and simplicity better than the competition. Single user license for PDFelement Pro costs only $89 for one year. This annual subscription gives you uninterrupted access to the new versions and unlimited updates to PDFelement Pro in future along with the full product support.

As if it was not already affordable, our readers are promised 50% discount to get a lifetime license if they purchase PDFelement Pro through a special 50% off discount link. We recommend PDFelement Pro to all the readers.

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