FrontFace: Secure Kiosk Software for Self-Service Terminals

Interactive kiosks and self-service terminals are nothing but computers with only screen available for the public use. These touch-screen terminals are connected to a small computer running a kiosk software like FrontFace. It is a secure kiosk software for Windows that makes it very easy to configure and turn any computer into an interactive kiosk.

FrontFace comes in two parts – the assistant software and the player software. The assistant part allows you to create new projects and each project can have content for the display screens. You can control which projects are being run on which of the screens and can have multiple screens configured and attached with different projects. You can schedule these projects to be run at a particular time in the day or night. You can also have a preview of the projects before publishing them.


FrontFace player is run on the computer to which the kiosk screen is connected. It has two important functions – to protect the underlying operating system from unauthorized access and to display the content from the pre-configured projects.

There are a number of different ways in which the player app and the FrontFace assistant are connected. You can connect them over LAN through an Ethernet cable, using LAN with server client configuration, through a WiFi network, over the cloud through the internet (for this both computers should always be online) and even using a USB drive (place the content on the USB pendrive and attach it to the player PC) and more.


If you don’t want two computer setup, then you can perform standalone installation in which both the player app and the FrontFace assistant are installed on the same PC. In this setup, you don’t need LAN or internet. This is the easiest of all the setup but is for small businesses where just one kiosk is needed.

You can download FrontFace interactive kiosk software from