Registry Reviver Cleans and Compacts Windows Registry

Windows operating system has a unique way of storing system information in form of registry entries. Windows registry is a group of hierarchical database files where any program with proper access can store and retrieve information of many different kinds. Like other database systems, Windows registry also becomes cluttered and full of obsolete entries after regular use of the PC. Some software create entries in the registry but fail to remove these entries even when that software is uninstalled. As time passes, your Windows registry becomes big and bulky making it very slow to load. Corrupt or invalid entries in the registry can also become the cause of some the Windows errors.

Registry Reviver

Using a program like Registry Reviver you can get rid of these obsolete, orphan or junk entries from the Windows registry. It can also streamline your registry files and make them faster to load at Windows startup. Finally the software also comes with many useful tools like Windows startup manager using which you can enable or disable the programs being launched automatically at Windows boot.

Registry Reviver

In the Registry Reviver interface you can start simply by clicking on the big green “Start Scan” button. It will go through all the hives of Registry and find out many different entries that can be safely removed without affecting the normal performance of your system. It finds out orphan or junk entries from many categories like uninstall information, startup items, fonts, shared libraries, file associations, and more.

Registry Reviver

From the list of results, you can select the ones that you want to remove and delete them. It makes a backup of your files using Windows System Restore so that you can roll back the changes made in case of any problems. Apart from the cleaning, it also offers a startup management tool,  a registry optimizer and allows you to schedule the cleaning process at a specified convenient time of your choice.

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