Manage iPhone, iPad and iPod with iMazing

Now that Apple has discontinued their popular software iTunes, you have to either depend upon the older versions of iTunes or on third-party software for managing your iOS devices from the comfort of your desktop computers. As time passes, iTunes will become tool old to support newer versions of iOS devices. You can easily switch to an iTunes alternative such as iMazing. It allows you to manage your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch over a USB cable connection or over WiFi.

Using iMazing software, you can copy files across your desktop computer and the iOS devices easily. It can also make the storage space on your iPhone available to your desktop over wireless connection. You can use this storage as portable hard drives. You can also use it to create a backup of your Apple devices’ data.



It comes with a quick transfer feature which transfers files between your iOS devices and your computer very fast. You can use this to copy all sorts of files like music, videos, pictures, e-Books, MP3 files or PDF documents. It can handle all the files transfer in a very smart way. If you just drag-n-drop a file on the iMazing window, it will automatically copy the dropped files to appropriate locations on the iOS device.

iMazing also comes with a small file transfer tool called iMazing Mini. It helps you transfer files over WiFi networks between your computer and the iOS device. But for this there are some requirements – you have to first make one backup of your iOS device over the data cable. After you have made a backup, you can convert your iOS device’s storage into wireless hard drives that you can access over any other device including your laptop, desktop computer or other mobile phones.

You can download iMazing from