Epic Games Store Giveaway of the Week : Strategy Game “Bad North”

Every week Epic Games Store gives away one or two games to the pleasure of the gamers all over the world. And they are back with another giveaway – this time they are giving away “Bad North” –  a strategy game to keep you occupied towards the year’s end.

The game is designed by a Swedish game development team and it is about vikings attacking a local kingdom in Sweden of the bygone times. The vikings have attacked and killed the king but now they are attacking again. Your goal is to defend the kingdom from the invading vikings.

In the kingdom people dwell on small islands of different shapes and sizes. On these islands, people have constructed houses of many different architecture. Your goal is to rescue people living on these island from the invading viking army. All these islands are shaped differently and have different types of constructions. You will have to employ a different strategy for all of these islands so that you can rescue the people living on these islands.

Bad North

In order to defend the kingdom you have to position your troops in a very smart manner. The vikings are not dumb and have their on warriors that are difficult to fight off. Unless you plan an intelligently designed  strategy to fend off the vikings, you will lose the commanders. If you lose too many commanders, then you might lose everything and end up losing the game. These vikings can attack from any corner and set the houses on fire. Your plan must cover all the directions so that you don’t lose any of your people.

In order to claim this game for free from the Epic Games Store, you can visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/bad-north/home in your web browser. You have to login to your Epic Store account and add the game to your library. But for downloading, installing and playing Bad North you have to install Epic Games Launcher in your computer.