Focusky : HTML5 Based Presentation Software

Focusky is a presentation software that can make interactive, media rich presentations based on HTML5. It is free for use and is available on three platforms – online on the web, for Windows and for macOS. With an impressive set of tools and features, this software can easily replace Microsoft PowerPoint for many users. It can very well prove to be the next popular presentation software in the coming years.

Unlike PowerPoint presentations (.PPTX) that require either PowerPoint itself installed on your computer or require you to save the presentations in EXE format to run it on other systems, Focusky presentations are based on HTML5 and can be run on any system that has a modern web browser installed. Furthermore, Focusky presentations can also be exported to HTML, EXE, ZIP, APP, MP4 and PDF formats giving you a large number of options for the target platforms.


As far as creating tools are concerned, you will find everything under the Sun in the Focusky interface. You get an infinite canvas space that you can keep working by adding text, shapes, arrows, formula editor, background music, multiple language text using UNICODE, animation, 3D or video backgrounds, voice narration, visual charts, screen recording, and more. It comes with hundreds of templates to ready for your use as well as vector materials.

After adding and creating your presentation, you can add paths to add the time and order in which they appear in the presentation. The finished presentation can be saved in a number of file formats including HTML, EXE, MP4 and PDF. You can save them to local hard drive, to a removable storage media or upload to cloud storage. If you do not want just about anyone to access the presentation, then you can password protect the presentation and encrypt it.

You can download Focusky for Windows or macOS from